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The King of Dancell, Beenie Man and to those close to him, Moses Davis.

I have worked with this artist for many years off and on and have had dinner with him and his family, smoked a fair amount of proper Jamaican Gum with him, he even has a new born son named Dean who I did baby portraits of on one of my visits to Kingston, Jamaica, and TILL THIS DAY he calls me "Picture Man" lol

To chill after a shoot, drink some Heineken or Hennessy and red bull and hear him explain his lyrics is always hilarious and inspiring.

He has had some of the best clashes in dance hall history and he has worked with many  hip hop superstars in his decorated career. We have done chill shoots at his condo, at his recording studio and on stage in front of 50,000 people- Massive!!

Check out his MySpace here 

I cant show many images of him due to biters & bootleggers. 

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