I get asked how did I get involved with these people or this gig. Truth is it just happened by chance through a friend who was trying to make things happen in Jamaica for years.

My friend Rob T (a.k.a I.T) runs a company called Mi Deh Yah which is a merchandising company dealing mainly with the reggae industry. 

Through him I have met all these artists. I photograph the musician and the images are used on merchandise or for promoting that artist.

Its a trip man!! It's work and its a lot of waiitng around and cancelled photo shoots. It can be frustrating and has been very shitty at times.

Having been doing this for almost a decade now, we are at a crossroads of half signed contracts and incarcerated superstars with a ton of merchandise sitting in limbo. Its a tricky affair the reggae industry.

Hoping to be back in Jamaica at some point for one reason or another... 
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